Your destination for high-quality Spray Nozzles,
Tank Washing Heads and Atomizers in Eastern Europe

About us

Spraylab EE is a member of the Spraylab Group, which distributes qualified technical products over the most important countries in the world. Spraylab EE has the exclusive right to sell PNR Italia products in the Eastern European region.


Marketing of nebulization components

The products we market and supply include industrial spray nozzles, tank washing heads, atomizers, accessories&fittings for a large number of industrial industries.

Support for engineering design

We support our customers in designing industrial plants of all sizes, providing the most sophisticated solutions available on the market.


Our exclusive relationship with PNR Italia allows us to access one of the most advanced measurement laboratories in Europe in the field of spray technology.

Countries we represent

As the exclusive distributor of PNR Italia for Eastern Europe, we can serve
Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Product range

All the products we can supply are available on the PNR Italia website, in the Catalogs and Brochures section. We invite you to download their materials to have a complete view of all the products at your disposal. Our office is always available for customized projects and to advise you on your choices.
For more information about data, events, sector news, consult PNR Italia Magazine.


Igor Danilevych

Business Development Manager
Poland and Ukraine

Poland, 61-129 Poznan, 8/P1 Malachowskiego str.
Phone: +48 533 708 877

Mob: +48 883 165 150


Tomáš Gabriel

Product Manager
Czech Republic and Slovakia

Švecova 684/18 674 01 Třebíč, CZ
Phone: +420 608 544 465

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